Data Backup

How valuable is your data?

This is a question many people unfortunately don’t consider until it’s too late. A hard drive crash can be devastating, whether you lose accounting data, e-mails, or a term paper.

Laptop hard drives are particularly susceptible to overheating or physical trauma which may render the data unrecoverable. With the increasing cheapness of external USB or FireWire hard drives and Dual Layer capable DVD burners, there’s no reason to leave your data at risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get a reliable backup system in place now!.

Many business owners are risking the years of hard work they invested in their businesses by failing to properly backup their data.

Are you one of them?

If an event like a fire, power outage, theft, equipment failure, virus, or simple operator mistake caused you to lose all of your mission-critical data, how soon would your business be able to recover? Or would it recover at all?

We’re asking this question because studies show that over half of all companies who lose their data to some kind of accident, equipment failure, or disaster, fold within 6 months of doing so.

From massive natural disaster to innocent mistake, the threats to your business data can come in many forms. If your business depends heavily on computer data, then you could be especially vulnerable. Even as the importance of protecting yourself and your business grows, so do the myriad backup solutions out there grow in complexity. We can help you create a solid backup plan that’s easy, automatic, and more importantly, effective when you most need it to be.