Password Recovery

Forgot your password?

Need to regain access to password-protected files or systems? Passwords list destroyed?Have you ever faced the problem of lost passwords?

You are in urgent need of that very document. You are damn lucky to find it in the labyrinth of your hard drive or your company’s local network. It is just a double-click away…

No luck. The unexpected “enter password” window wants a secret combination of characters that is required to open this document. What is even worse is that you don’t know this combination. Of course this doesn’t mean that you are a criminal who wants to crack the password for this document and access the information that he is not supposed to access.

There are different reasons for your not knowing the password for the document that legally belongs to you. You might lose your password, forget it or your employee that protected the document with a password might have been dismissed. Does it mean that this document is lost forever?

No fear. Different people call it differently – “crack password”, “break password” or “recover password”, but these words stand for the same process of password recovery. This is what a password protected document must undergo to become accessible.

It seems like everything has a password or security code these days and with so many to remember it’s no wonder that people occasionally forget their Windows logon password or the password they set for their Outlook e-mail a year ago.

Luckily these passwords are easy to recover or reset in most instances. Whether you’re locked out of Windows, forgot the password to your Excel or Word document, or need to recover a starred password (disguised by *****) stored in Internet Explorer or some other program, chances are we can help you.

We may also be able to recover passwords for other types of programs and files; ask us and we’ll let you know.