PC Maintance

In the past year the popularity of PC MAINTENANCE has exploded, and not without good reason.

When wireless networking was first introduced it was expensive, slow, buggy, and had serious security flaws. Now, with new offerings from Linksys, Netgear, and others, you can share your cable or DSL connection via a fast Wireless-G or Wireless-N access point or router.

Wireless security standards have also improved greatly with new encryption schemes such as TKIP-WPA (WiFi Protected Access) which address many of the security flaws found in the older WEP (Wi-Fi Equivalent Privacy) standard.

In addition most new wireless access points and routers feature wireless MAC filtering, a feature whereby you can limit access to only approved wireless clients.

You can also share USB or parallel printers wirelessly via a wireless print server which can be integrated into your existing wireless network.

Alternative wireless technologies such as Bluetooth allow short-range wireless printing from Bluetooth enabled phones, PDAs, Cameras, and laptops