Spyware Removal

Is your pc running slow?? Do you get those annoying Pop-Ups? Does it take forever to browse the internet? If so, than you have probably fell victim to one of the fastest growing computer problems to date: 


At any given time thousands of computer viruses, worms and spyware are in circulation on the internet. Millions of users with always-on high-speed internet connections are prime targets for hacker probing, worms and viruses.

Unfortunately these malicious programs cause massive frustration and millions in lost revenue due to computer errors, stolen information and downtime. We can help provide software and hardware solutions to remove and combat continuous attempts by unknown internet predators.

PC Repair Guru has removed Spyware and Viruses from hundreds of computers and we can do the same for you.  We have serviced computers having all kinds of free Spyware removal program installed.  We also found Trojans on systems with Norton Internet Security or AOL Online Security.  Viruses are nowadays not so frequent any more in comparison to Spyware infected files. We normally find between 5 and 20 Trojans on an infected system and about 360 to 1500 Spyware infected files.

Here are the some of the symptoms of spyware/adware infection:

  • Computer shows erratic behavior
  • Computer is slow
  • Computer shows error messages
  • Browser shows unwanted toolbars, address bar is not visible
  • Desktop disappeared
  • Pop up adds are shown
  • Program updates do not update any more
  • You cannot read your web based mail any more
  • Internet connection is jumping in and out every 15 minutes
  • Sound does not work any more after a certain time.
  • The system goes into standby instead of hibernate