Tired of calling technical support, sitting on hold, and waiting for that one unqualified technician to answer the phone only to give you a runaround answer?

One of our focus’s at PC Repair Experts is providing great customer service and support. We support a wide range of Operating systems as well as most third party software.

– Windows Windows Vista,XP,2000, and ME
– Windows Server 2003, 2000, and NT
– Microsoft Office 2007,2003,XP, and 2000 Products
– Microsoft Exchange/Lots Notes
– Netscape/Mozilla
– Spyware Removal Applications
– Internet Explorer

If hardware computer support is something you require, then our team is well equipped to handle those needs. Along with all of our technicians being Microsoft Certified, we retrain our technicians on all the latest hardware configurations and network certifications.

Our A+ Certified technicians will work with you on making the most sensible solution to solving your computer problems.

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